Before Sunset ★★★★★

I am writing this with tears in my eyes. Not because it was something sad but it was just more beautiful and lovely that I could ever imagine. So surreal that in fact when Céline starts to sing that beautiful song she wrote to Jesse I swear I played that scene 4-5 times.

Let me sing you a waltz / Out of nowhere, out of my thoughts / Let me sing you a waltz / About this one night stand / You were, for me, that night / Everything I always dreamt of in life / But now you're gone / You are far gone / All the way to your island of rain / It was for you just a one night thing / But you were much more to me, just so you know / I don't care what they say / I know what you meant for me that day / I just want another try, I just want another night / Even if it doesn't seem quite right / You meant for me much more than anyone I've met before / One single night with you, little Jesse, is worth a thousand with anybody / I have no bitterness, my sweet / I'll never forget this one night thing / Even tomorrow in other arms, my heart will stay yours until I die / Let me sing you a waltz / Out of nowhere, out of my blues / Let me sing you a waltz / About this lovely one night stand

I don't know how they did it and how they came up with it but every frame and word of this movie is perfect. From the scene where Jesse sees Céline as he talks about his book, losing everything and might have been screaming internally to the where he tells how he came back to that station. You just see the moment of that time in Vienna they had sparking again.

With 9 years have passed we see a maturity in their conversations, talking about environment, global warming, water crisis or the war going. Céline and Jesse capture moments of their past and present and what has happened since then.

Directed by Richard Linklater, in this 80 minutes of runtime with Julie and Ethan they have created something that becomes more beautiful with every detail.

The scene that really stands out for me is when Jesse and Céline get in the car and Céline just outpour's everything she had hold back. With Jesse putting his words telling how his life has been all this time. Nothing has been perfect for both of them since that day in Vienna. It is just like the quote from Her, Sometimes I think I have felt everything I'm ever gonna feel. And from here on out, I'm not gonna feel anything new. Just lesser versions of what I've already felt.

Celine: Baby, you are gonna miss that plane.
Jesse: I know.


I have replayed that scene again and again and again.

The dream Jesse describes about Céline besides him in bed, pregnant, naked and when he wakes from his dream sobbing looking at his wife who is sitting there and how he feels millions miles away from her and at that moment you see how Céline just wants to stroke Jesse's face but pulls out. I mean.... This is just...I can't even now.

Even the scene when Céline finally says that she remembers them having sex twice.

Julie Delpy is so beautiful in this movie and withe Ethan Hawke their chemistry just goes further and deepens their everlasting connection.

Before Sunset is definitely one of my favorite films of all time. I mean how it could not be. It is even in my unconditional love list.

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