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This review may contain spoilers.

Lou Bloom: My motto is if you want to win the lottery you've got to make money to get a ticket.

Who is a Genius? We define genius peoples from the work they have done, we don't say genius to anybody. It takes some great hard work and passion to become a genius and Yes I consider Lou Bloom a Evil Genius. Why Evil?

Well, I can't complain how he was getting the news or how he was doing it, because for money and food and to become what you want to be you have to be a little evil.

The movie depths the characters life. He is a hard worker, he is persistent, if he doesn't know something, he will fucking study it till he doesn't get it all. He finds ambition, his passion. He is a sweet talker, but still he has the evil look in his eyes. And how often does he blink. It was like even his blinking would make him look weak.

I was stunned sometimes. Like when Bill Paxtons character is in an accident and Lou gets their and he starts filming him and the look in both of their eyes was just great. It was the moment where Lou was telling in bold fucking letters FUCK YOU, BITCH. I WON

Even, when he takes Nina to dinner and yells her to sleep with him and even tells her how he will give her the material of her life. The conversation was like Vito and Michael Corleone mixture and I saw that in Lou Bloom's eyes. Also, when he is with Rick, he wants to be angry with him, but as he has only one option, he just tells him in a slightly high voice tod do what he was supposed to do.

I was on the edge of my seat when this conversation happened,

Lou Bloom: Now I like you, Nina. And I look forward to our time together. But you have to understand, fifteen thousand isn't all that I want. From here on, starting now, I want my work to be credited by the anchors and on a burn. The name of my company is Video Production News, a professional news-gathering service. That's how it should be read and that's how it should be said. I also want to go to the next rung and meet your team, and the station manager, and the director, and the anchors, and start developing my own personal relationships. I'd like to start meeting them this morning. You'll take me around, you'll introduce me as the owner and president of Video Production News, and remind them of some of my many other stories. I'm not done. I also want to stop our discussion over prices. This will save time. So when I say that a particular number is my lowest price, that's my lowest price and you can be assured that I arrived at whatever that number is very carefully. Now, when I say that I want these things, I mean that I want them and I don't want to have to ask again. And the last thing that I want, Nina, is for you to do the things that I ask you to do when we're alone together in your apartment, NOT LIKE THE LAST TIME. So, I'll tell you what. I have the van crash on Moorpark tonight. It was a couple of stringers actually. That could lead by itself on an average night. I'd be willing to throw that in for free. So what do you say, do we have a deal?

God damn it, it was an standing ovation performance.

And the last 20 minutes of this movie are pure gold. How Lou captures the killing and how he keeps it and plans it perfectly. And how he traps was just.....I don't know why this movie isn't in the Best Picture Category. Seriously, it is way better than Theory of Everything or Foxcather.

And Jake, you have won every fucking award their is from me. You are just over the top for this performance.

Dan Gilroy perfectly paces the movie and and his brother equally edits it.

Nightcrawler is a perfect study of a character even a human being who can go beyond limits to get what is his.

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