Tokyo Godfathers

Tokyo Godfathers ★★★★½

A beautiful story set on Christmas eve, three people named Gin, Hana, and a runaway girl Miyuki, discover an abandoned newborn while looking through the garbage. They name the baby Kiyoko and set out to find her parents through the clues left. As they embark on this journey stories are told about a past these three have left. Drama rises through some humor, emotion and coincidences with some miracle sprinkled on it.

Directed by Satoshi Kon, every moment in this movie is kind of magical in some way. There are lessons learned, confronted with truth and lies and the meaning of family. The care these three have for each other even though they go back and forth bantering about. The care they have for this child even though they have little to nothing for themselves and the adventure they embark on making them come to face the people they once ran away from.

It was like a puzzle finally coming in together with the baby in hand. The amazing thing about this movie is the characters, we are immediately connected with them. The finale comes in with a emotionally turning breeze that finally comes full circle.

Tokyo Godfathers is a movie that has to be watched with your family. It is filled with love, emotions, dysfunction, regrets and some Christmas miracle. The animation is so beautifully presented with life like characters that feel so real. Please watch this masterpiece. You won't be disappointed.

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