Rope ★★★★½

Noirvember #3 of 26

It seems like Noirvember is rapidly turning into an Alfred Hitchcock movie marathon month and as far as I'm concerned, that's certainly no bad way to spend a month especially when every movie that I've seen from him so far has been 4.5 stars or higher, and this is the ninth film that I've seen from the legendary filmmaker. There's a reason why Hitchcock is viewed as one of the greatest of all-time, and that's his ability to pretty much make everything that he touches turn to gold.

This 1948 movie is adapted from a 1920s stage play and it definitely feels a lot like a stage play. Pretty much everything takes place in one location, and the actors do a lot of standing about and talking. There's also a lot of scenery chewing that William Shatner would be proud of. But if you're going to make the actors chew scenery then it helps having good actors to chew scenery, and that's just what James Stewart and co do here. The back and forth dialogue is very well done, and the way everything feels almost like one continuous shot really helps add to the tension, drama and atmosphere that this movie does a brilliant job at creating.

Another essential crime movie from Hitchcock, Rope is an unmissable work of art. It says something about how good he is as a director that I'd put this down as the weakest movie from him that I've seen so far, but that's just more a personal preference for me as I've never really been that into movies adapted from stage plays. It helps that this film is kept short, and never overstays its welcome.

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