The Death & Life of John F. Donovan ★★★½

Watched on Amazon Prime (Rented)

Long overdue first watch of an Xavier Dolan film that really swept under my radar on its release. I love the style in this one, the soundtrack's full of familiar favourites and *that* cast is next level good. It has Kit Harington's career-best performance to date, finally in a role where he isn't typecast as Jon Snow, and Jacob Tremblay and Susan Sarandon are the other standouts here from this A-List assembly of talent.

Massive fan of André Turpin's cinematography and this whole film is incredibly well shot whilst still boasting enough substance to make it not just an exercise in style. Felt it works as a nice counterbalance to Vox Lux, and not just because of the Natalie Portman connection. It comes dangerously close to being undone in its second half when its plot threads are almost too muddled for its own good, but Dolan just about brings everything together by the end. If this is low-tier Dolan like I've been led to believe, Mommy should be something special.

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