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Martin Scorsese is a legend, and to see him return to the big screen at the helm of another gangster epic, more wizened and matured than ever, showcases the growth of one of the most talented directors in cinema’s history. The film feels like a swan song to a legendary career that has spanned multiple decades from films like Mean Streets, Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore to The Departed, Shutter Island & The Wolf of Wall Street, uniting star talents like Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro together to weave a three hour epic that explores what happened to the guys who were the underlings in the mafia during the 1960s and 70s, touching on key events such as the Kennedy Assassination, echoing 1979 drama The Wanderers.

Like the street gang, DeNiro and all don’t play a key role in history, but their characters are shaped by it, moulded by events that play out on screen before them, and we get to see their reactions to key events when they're in restaurants watching television and the news just happens to be on in the background allowing for plenty of reaction shots.

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