Moonlight ★★★★★

This is my 3rd watch of Moonlight and every time I watch it the film has a different meaning to me. My first watch was in 7th grade on my dad's Ipad mini. I instantly loved it yet a lot of the themes I didn't fully grasp. I remember I mostly loved how stunning the visuals were less than the actual concept of the film. 

On my second watch in 9th grade I TRULY LOVED
it. I watched it in my living room on my tv. It was around this time I was really getting into film so in this rewatch I understood the characters more, the plot, and I could appreciate the acting and directing much more. Overall I UNDERSTOOD it more on my second watch.

Now today on my third watch of this movie I was speechless. I watched it on my friend's projector movie room and it was a surreal experience. I picked up on so much more on this watch. I now appreciate the color grading, the editing, how dense and meaningful each scene is, how realistic the dialogue is, etc. If you haven’t seen this epic and layered cinematic masterpiece TURN ON THAT TV RIGHT NOW.