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  • Shirley



    This isn’t important, but this movie has so many cute blouses!

    Elisabeth Moss always impresses me.
    I have no idea, but I feel like she just *does* stuff. Unscripted. And it works. I hope that’s the case.

    Can’t wait to travel on a train...

  • Hair Love

    Hair Love


    Loved the style of this so much.

    I’m sure dads must be at a loss with daughters a lot of the time and I especially loved seeing the representation of this in the lives of Black people.

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  • The House I Live In

    The House I Live In

    It tried.

    First Sinatra sings flawlessly with a full orchestra in his signature impeccable phrasing, then goes out for a smoke break. Defends a kid who is being bullied about his religion. He's trying to teach them about tolerance.....but basically only as long as you're American.

    I do believe they tried though.

  • Happiest Season

    Happiest Season


    I wish that the majority of these characters didn’t act like assholes. I was like “listen Kristen Stewart, just go. You deserve better.” She puts up with so much shit in this, and then *poof* everything is magically fixed by the very next morning. A Christmas miracle.

    But there was a lot I liked. I liked that it was made, to begin with. I liked that it showed a friendship between 2 women who identify as lesbians that does not…