Southland Tales

Southland Tales ★★★★★

i suppose it was inevitable. if there's anything even more exciting about this film then how absolutely enthralling this watch was, its that i know i havent even reached my potential peak of appreciation for it. its an overload, but one thats already been satisfying to comb through.

despite this, something i wish i could have told my past self is that the actual specifics of the plot are one of the less important aspects of the movie. what matters is the texture they create, a hyperweb of ulterior motives on top of ulterior motives, a hellish neoliberal political scape that operates on obfuscation, and eventually far-flung sci-fi mechanics. combing through to connect individual details is a part of the experience, but its not the point. from where i sit, the Point, besides the fact that the bush-era satire hits like a sledgehammer even when the plot is at its most incomprehensible, is the FEELING of the overload. the vague disquiet that many people felt as the iraq warfare kicked off is bottled in here, with the added layer retroactive knowledge that we were intentionally left in the dark, that higher powers took advantage of the rubble and the information torrent for their own ends. it is a dark and anxious film, fundamentally

but that's also not an entirely accurate description. genuinely, this movie kinda feels like a movie-length version of the everytime scene from spring breakers (and not just because of its own absolutely unforgettable musical sequences). it takes a pitch-black scenario and finds both absurd humor and an uneasy but transcendent beauty in it. it seemingly operates under fifty layers of irony at all times, yet is above all else about feelings. im disconnected from how the events would be if they happened in real life, and absorb them on a cinematic level. at least one extremely funny and quotable line every five minutes. amazingly creative filmmaking. the emotional reactions of all the characters. the world may end for them, but for me, as a viewer, i can stick around, and continually marvel at how their end was crafted

its a rebuke of pseudointellectualism and the intentional chaos that causes it to be profitable, but also a celebration of, as i've previously said, all the artifice that comes with artistry. it sees art as a pure possibility space, and the emphasizing of that possibility as the most important thing

also its funny. jesus christ is it funny

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