Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★½

I don't mind a long film usually but this did drag a bit for me at times and just from a storytelling level could have been about an hour shorter with almost no plot taken out. With that said I will say that the direction and performances are great, the comedy worked, and the violence never felt out of place of their intention like some Tarrantino movies do (at least to my personal preference).

The biggest problem I have is with pretty much every female character that's over the age of 8. There is a frequently lingering camera on the female's butts and too many closeups of feet for my taste. As she is portrayed, I do not find that Sharon Tate works as a character as much as she functions as Tarrantino looking at the loss of a person's potential.

When the movie plays to it's strengths - the buddy comedy of DiCaprio and Pitt and the old-school film and TV tableaus - it's a fun romp and a nostalgia trip. It's only on a harder look that parts of the film seem not old-school, just outdated.

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