2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★★

Punching myself for not seeing this in 2160p, but anyway, it looked good on 1080i so it doesn't matter. Anyway about the film:

Started out with a 3 minute black screen, which is basically warming you up for how the rest of the film is gonna go. The film consists of scenes that last 10 minutes (or feel like they last 10 minutes) and everything is framed straight in the middle. To fact check this I actually skipped to random points in the film and I wasn't wrong, everything in this film is framed straight in the middle, cool fun fact I guess.

The set design in this really shines, I can see how this paved the way for Star Wars since the ships actually looks like the Death Star! Very intricate details, I can imagine this film to be a cinematographer's dream really. This also has an iconic theme song that I've heard everywhere, and now I'm relieved to know where it's from at least.

From what I could pick up on my first watch is that, Kubrick starts the film out with monkeys (or, you know, how modern human civilisation starts) and shows how people in space are basically that, learning to do things for the first time under the influence of technology.

Finally, I don't think any other film can pull something off like this again. Scenes with complete silence, only breathing. Scenes that feel like they last forever, only Kubrick can. Timeless, holds up, effects are great paved the way for many of the great films today.

This film falls into my "Films that respect their audience category"

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