Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights

Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights ★★½

this is the perfect girls night movie. or pals night movie to be all inclusive. it is sweet and it is sensual and it's kind of really silly BUT good god???? diego luna saves every part of this film that seriously falls short. there are many things that don't work. the narrative. the acting. the pacing. this is by no means the perfect film. it doesn't even come close.

but is it fun? yes. is it more fun with margaritas? yes. would i watch it again with margaritas? y e s

diego luna..... is a treasure.... i did ballet for only a year but i would've gotten on pointe had i known his dancing existed 

also the line "i liked a boy but it didn't work out" that's some REALNESS dirty dancing 2... 

this is a Maragrita Movie. this is a lighthearted and lovely and sexy movie. diego luna.... how many times have i typed his name

i started writing this 20 minutes ago and then started talking and i've forgotten where i left off but the dancing is great and diego luna is a new level of Dancing. The Arts!!!!!!