Ford v Ferrari

Ford v Ferrari

this film has absolutely no right being as long as it is, given its mediocre competence. like, is it a fine movie? yes. is it well-acted? yes. the sound design is impeccable. but there is something borderline offensive about how straight of a line it walks... where is its boldness, its confidence to take a risk and potentially fail? it is so Fine it toes being bad, and that's the worst part about it.

well, maybe not the worst. the titular tension between Ford and Ferrari is done so-so—i wish it was a little less one-sided with Ford's perspective on the situation, even though they're the clear underdog. what doesn't make sense and totally falls flat is the Ford v Ford tension between Miles and the marketing team... the manufactured melodrama is so obvious, and i wish they had just granted the story more nuance and depth

overall zzzzz

#23/32 on 2019 Ranked—as of November

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