Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

i'd say i would die for Sarah Connor but there is literally no reason i'd need to: she is more than capable of handling herself!!!

some of the cleanest, most well-paced action sequences i've seen—there are at least three car (or vehicle-adjacent) chase scenes, and each one does something different and exciting. there's a sleekness to every sequence, a well-managed Coolness.

which is why Sarah Connor is so interesting to me—she is very cool, yes, but also totally, completely brutal. her transformation into something less human and more terminator is frightening. she's seen the end of the world, dreaming of it night after night. the fear that propels her forward drives her to do anything to prevent that, including almost entirely shirking the humanity she's so desperate to preserve.

that such a moral tension exists in between Big Explosions and Two Nearly Unstoppable Terminators... delicious

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