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  • Killer Party

    Killer Party


    This movie is weird, no doubt about it. Starting with a quadruple-fakeout setpiece that has nothing to do with the film proper, then segueing into a teen comedy, then a slasher film, then a supernatural film, you'd be forgiven for losing track of just what is going on at any given time. An anemically-catchy theme song assures "these are the best times of our lives". 80's fashion abominations litter the screen. Pranks are afoot. A killer in a deep-sea diving…

  • Madman



    Originally based on the Cropsey legend but changed when The Burning beat them to the punch, Madman is a somewhat overlooked slasher from the golden year of 1981. With an opening campfire scene nearly as strong as that in John Carpenter's The Fog, the film tells the tale of an abusive farmer who went mad and chopped up his family with an axe, only to receive comparably brutal treatment from his fellow townsfolk once the murders were discovered. Yet, in…

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  • In Search of Darkness: A Journey Into Iconic '80s Horror

    In Search of Darkness: A Journey Into Iconic '80s Horror


    This is a great, extensive documentary on 80's horror. I only wish they had gone into some of the lesser-known horror of the era; they stay pretty safe with what they feature even though they show posters for films like The Mutilator and Slime City, which no one talks about. Lin Shaye is mentioned but not featured and my biased self really wishes they had gotten her to sit down for this. But it's an undeniable accomplishment and so much fun it doesn't feel as long as it is.

  • Midsommar



    We're definitely in Wicker Man territory although Ari Aster has created a far more intense and horrifying vision. The film unspools at a measured pace, gradually revealing the grotesqueries from which there is no escape. Emotionally exhausting and a film that stands with Hereditary in its sheer skin-crawling force.