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  • La Haine

    La Haine

    It might not sound as good as it does in my head, but this movie visually carries itself with a freedom that I’ve rarely seen but have never been able to explain. Beyond the relevant plots and conversations, Kassovitz has wrapped the frustrated and hostile confusion between protestors and the police within a trio of friends. In every moment, they argue and complain about each other, trying to figure themselves out in there own way, having little success. 

    As the…

  • Sound of Metal

    Sound of Metal

    While this story unveils many of the things some have had to face in the midst of an inconvenient, permanent change, Sound of Metal really resonated with me when it came down to the idea that no matter how close you can be with someone, you just can’t make certain promises. Many stories have been written to highlight people that turn around a once perceived negative situation, but this one really does its job at talking about the key ingredients you…

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  • Crumb


    Whether this film criticizes, glorifies, or does something effectively in between for its subject, Crumb captivated me in a such a specific way that no other documentary has done before. It has some of the most wonderful unraveling in the ways that it studies its lead artist. At first, I was completely fascinated and sympathetic to Robert, but then began to react with the most extreme criticisms when I was shown the darkest sides. It’s very evident that the film…

  • Three Colors: Red

    Three Colors: Red


    After seeing White, I’d predicted that the overall trilogy focuses on loss and how we could react to it. Finally having finished the last of the trilogy, I still remain confident in that feeling. However, Valentine feels to me as an outlier to the entire bunch of characters within these movies. Yes, she has experienced loss herself, but I felt that she, more than any other, was dreading that she will never have experienced the thing she‘s always wanted. The…