Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter ★★½

Mom I want Fury Road
No Youssef we have Fury Road at home
Fury Road at home:

Bad movie with a bad plot and bad acting, terrible script, weird editing and is arguably also lowkey racist. Still, I can’t really give it a lower rating because I came here to see people fighting monsters and it certainly delivers on that front, with the monsters including effects and fight scenes being well made and entertaining to watch. Imo it gets a lot better in the second half, when it drops any pretences and just plays like a video-game. 

I don’t know how accurate this is to the source material. I haven’t played any of the games, but I don’t think they’re about American soldiers. I was also a little bit let down when I found out we would get transported to this amazing fantasy world with strange and magical creatures such as... big spiders? 

Monsters ranked:
CAT > big ass dragon > budget Dune worm > dinosaur cow > big spider > flying fish

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