Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★★★★½


SUICIDE SQUAD never aimed, wanted, or expected to, in a 100 years, be included on many "best movies of all time" list. As a result, it would unfair to treat it like that.

I read most reviews of this film before seeing at a midnight screening on release night, and was therefore apprehensive of what I was about to watch. This is the film I have been waiting for all year.

I have seen 'certain' critics, reviewers, and fans label this film as 'half-a-star'; 'the worst film ever made'; and 'boring and dull'. These people need to stop being so pretentious and enjoy this film as it was meant to be: an exaggerated, unbelievable, crazy superhero film. It wouldn't be fair to compare to ANY of Nolan's Batman films or ANY of Marvel's films, as they are doing something completely different.

SUICIDE SQUAD wants to thrill and entertain. It achieves this. The cast (apart from one who will be discussed later) are brilliant; the soundtrack is one of the striking I have heard in years; the editing is all over the place (but why should that be a bad thing?); and, the cinematography is sublime.

My biggest critique of the film is the primary villain. Without commenting on who this is for those who don't know, this character seemed to possess no significant threat and was pretty annoying. The 'big blue-beam of light in the sky' and 'threatening to take over the world' thing has been done before. That's why this film lost half a star. The threat didn't seem as personal as it could have been.

I want to address the two key points that a lot of people keep referencing:

1) Jared Leto is hardly in the movie. For me, Leto is in this film for the perfect amount of time. For me, Joker is a character who lives in the background and causes havoc when and how he choses. This is exactly what happens in the film. If Joker was included in every single shot, the impact and effect of his character would diminish. I can't wait to see him (Leto/Joker) in future films after this wonderful glimpse of insanity.

2) Suicide Squad is boring. If you think that this film is boring, go and rent some 200 minute silent film from Europe that consists of one long take. Then, come back and retract your comments about SS. Suicide Squad is an endless cacophony of colour, action, music, laughter, and complete exaggeration.

Overall, don't let the critics and negative reviews put you off SUICIDE SQUAD. By all means, feel free to dislike this film, possibly hate it even, once you have seen it. Don't use other's arguments when giving your reasons why "this-is-the-worst-film-ever-made". It really isn't that. It's almost an insult to be saying those words to this film.

Suicide Squad thrilled me for its entire running time. I wasn't bored, and didn't want the film to end. Was it perfect? Of course not. But it was highly, highly enjoyable.

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