The Mitchells vs. The Machines

The Mitchells vs. The Machines ★★★★

"The Mitchells have always been weird, but that's what makes us great... Well, I believe this group of weirdos is the best hope humanity's got." - Rick Mitchell

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I think we have another Phil and Lord hit on our hands, but I think this may the most disappointing of them all.

Family can be tough. They can annoy you and frustrate you to no end. They may think they have your best interests at heart, but really they don't. They're only acting out of self-interest because it'll benefit them... or do they really care? Maybe underneath all of that disposition and disconnect, they trying their best to get a grip of who you are and what you wanna do, but it's the old habits that die hard and they can't help but fall back on those issues.

The animation here was unique, extremely stylized, colorful, and over the top, fitting the fast-paced and in-your-face style of humor. Once the jokes got rolling, it's hard for them to stop, and rarely did they ever fall flat. Multiple moments I caught myself laughing fairly hard or continually laughing. The film was also really touching as it was full of heart and family moments. Each member of the family got their moment to shine and were defined enough for us to care about all of them. The score was pretty good along with the pacing.

The cast did an absolutely wonderful job voicing these characters. Maya Rudolph (Linda Mitchell) kills it as the overprotective mother and Michael Rianda (Aaron Mitchell/Furbies/Talking Dog/Wifi Enthusiast) was also really great. Eric Andre (Mark Bowman) was pretty funny and Olivia Colman (PAL) continues to show off her range and was an interesting antagonist. She nailed all of the comedic material she was given. Fred Armisen (Deborahbot 5000) and Beck Bennett (Eric/PAL Max Robots) worked really well off of each other and I think they got it from their SNL days.

Danny McBride (Rick Mitchell) was practically unrecognizable and showing off his more dramatic chops and Abbi Johnson (Katie Mitchell) was the heart of the film and grounded it by making her character's motivations feel very understandable.

However, the film felt a little too much at times with its style and humor. Like some jokes would undercut some moments and disrupt the flow of the film. I feel it would take away from some scenes as well. It really overwhelms the senses.

I enjoyed it and I'm excited to see what the pair do next!


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