The Pursuit of Happyness

The Pursuit of Happyness ★★★

The true rags to riches story of stock broker & motivational speaker Chris Gardner. Will Smith in the role of Gardner has a stand-out performance, and an 8 year old Jaden show's that he's his father's son and may be born to follow in his actor father's footsteps with his role here. It's an incredibly compelling story of having a kid while being homeless while pursuing ones dreams, or rather, a livable wage in an increasingly unlivable part of America. The quality of this drama is undeniable with just about every aspect of the film being fantastic from script to production, yet my rating is more reflected in the fact that I prefer action flicks over tear-jerkers. Even so this one still has some entertainment value for an action-junkie like myself.

'What is that?'
'A portable bone-density scanner.'

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