Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday ★★★

There's two major obstacles for a viewer before they can say they enjoy this movie: 1) the acting and 2) the screenplay's structure. a clear protagonist doesn't emerge from this miasma until about the halfway point. the viewer might assume that mysterious bounty hunter Creighton Duke is the protagonist but he spends half the film in jail making crazy eyes at people. the viewer might also assume Diana, the diner waitress, is the protagonist but she dies at about the halfway point. no, it's the nerdy guy who's also a jock who's also a creep that emerges as the protagonist and all-around badass. once we've patiently reached the halfway point, the film becomes less a slasher in the vein of previous Friday movies and more of a Terminator-style chase movie, which for me, is not a problem at all. in fact, once the film hits its stride (Steven and Jessica meeting at Diana's house) it never lets up. It's pure 90s action sleaze. Some might be annoyed at the reversals and setbacks (Jason's dead, oh wait, no he's not) but this never bothered me at all. I had a lot of fun with this movie, once it hit its stride.

like many, I have the Scream Factory megaset and so expect lots of us to be posting new reviews of these old familiars

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