Wonder Woman 1984 ★½

Here are some positive things I can say about this extremely dumb, very bad movie:
- Pedro Pascal's performance was a delight. Very jazzy, very sincere without being hammy. If the film had been made in the 80s, I could imagine Max Lord being played by Michael Moriarty.
- Chris Pine is an incredible actor. I think he's one of the best working today but because he's broadly handsome, he ends up doing these kinds of movies.
- The scene when Barbara beats up the harasser was the only good scene in the whole movie because it's the only time all the filmic elements were working together: cinematography, composition, lighting, scoring, acting etc etc etc. Even though it's gross for the film to suggest she's villainous because she's defending herself.

That is all.

Truly a nadir for blockbuster filmmaking what with its cheap CGI, racism, 80s-era lack of consent with regards to bodies, and all around uninspired proceedings.

I can't believe this was a passion project for anybody involved other than Gal "I Hate Palestine" Gadot, who, without this character, would be simply a rich supermodel. She can't act and she has all the presence of an unused Kleenex. Weirdly enough I think her acting is getting worse with each movie. Remember when she was totally charming in the Fast and the Furious movies? And remember when she sort-of stole Batman v Superman with that sly smile? That's all gone in this movie. She's not even wooden—she's calcified.

Anyway, fuck this racist piece of shit movie

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