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  • Closer



    when jude law typed on his computer sit on my face fuckboy ... i felt that

  • Dreams on Fire

    Dreams on Fire


    “to us, image is as important as dance skill. remember that.” 

    vibrant and visually striking from start to finish. not only is it graphically engaging but also thematically; the story of a girl fulfilling her dream of becoming a dancer, in the process overcoming the objections of her family and prejudices of society. the visuals and editing are the drive of what helps make the film so great. but i am also in awe of bambi naka’s performance. she blew…

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  • Yes, God, Yes

    Yes, God, Yes


    lady bird... but hornier

  • Holidate



    yeah it’s predictable and clichéd like every other netflix rom-com but hear me out... emma roberts