Possessor ★★★★

A supremely, deliriously gruesome piece of cinema in which people inhabit other people's bodies in order to commit crimes. This being directed by Brandon "Son of David" Cronenberg, a lot of people have emphasized the horror elements of this movie, and those are certainly there: the idea that someone could invade your body and exploit it for their own profits (not like that would ever happen in 21st century capitalist America...) is very unsettling, and the movie's imagery complements that. But in some ways, the connections to Brandon's father's horror legacy has obscured that this is also a really terrific piece of cyberpunk sci-fi. David has spent a lot of his mid-to-late career adapting postmodern fiction for the screen; perhaps if Brandon has the same literary bent as his father, we'll get some cracking William Gibson adaptions.

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