Daughters of Eve

Daughters of Eve ★★★★

Mondo Macabro caused a lot of jaws to hit the floor back in 2007 when it released this brutal, beautiful, and very divisive story of survival and sexual mania churned out during the heyday of Filipino sleaze alongside brain-burners like Snake Sisters. The new Blu-ray reissue makes for a ripe occasion to revisit this one, which still smacks you across the head in the opening scene with one of the most heinous scenes of real animal slaughter in movie history. (Skip past the first five minutes if it's beyond your threshold, and for most people it justifiably will be.) After that it's off to the races with sweaty, sordid tale of three different women affected by the town stud and some ticked-off kids with an axe to grind. Most definitely not for everyone, but impossible to forget and a key entry in the history of extreme cinema. mondo-digital.com/silip.html