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  • The Apostle

    The Apostle


    I just found it slightly dull and repetitive, as I watched the film I didn’t know if it’s coming from a pro or anti Christian view, they repeat themselves all the time, it’s like Oprah level showmanship, it feels really cult like and it makes me feel sick. Duvall’s character isn’t likeable at all, he is an arrogant self centred man, still it was interesting, I liked the performances and the scenery was nice.

    Maybe it being middle ground is entirely the point.

  • The Winslow Boy

    The Winslow Boy


    I put this one to fall asleep too, and I ended up watching it all entirely enthralled.

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  • Satantango



    I feel like I need to edit a compilation of anyone who likes this film just having a nice long wank, edit it together and it’ll have more context and entertainment and probably run for less time because of all these premature ejaculators that get excited about an idea in cinema and don’t want to sound uneducated for not having liked a film like this. Fuck Bella Tarr.

  • Music



    Film is fantasy, an actor needs to be able to portray Different skins is Kate Hudson allowed to play an ex drug addict and alcoholic because she’s never been one? As an ex alcoholic I have no issue with this, as someone who had looked after autistic children and being on the spectrum myself I have no problem with Maddie Ziegler playing an autistic person especially when there are dream sequences that she’s perfectly able in, a fantasy sequence that could…