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  • Throw Away Your Books, Rally in the Streets
  • The Card Counter
  • Love After Death
  • Licorice Pizza

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  • Den Of Dominance


  • Nitram

  • Savage Sadists


  • The Canyons


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  • Den Of Dominance

    Den Of Dominance


    Can I get you something?

    This is one of those classic “Man walks into a bar” routines, except when he orders something stiff he realises he’ll be the one supplying it, for the tip isn’t drawn from a wallet but unzipped from his pants, and the more potent offerings they’ve got on tap involve detours into slaphappy sadomasochism. It possesses an oral fixation to the tune of a heartbeat detector and this rhythm alone makes this one of Prince’s substantially…

  • Nitram


    Bizarre how we’ve come to the cultural understanding that the only purposeful way to depict true crime is to ground it in literalist realism, so miserable and dour as a virtue, a domain for actors to craft trauma into something warranting applause as the empty landscapes use their spatial negativity to invoke unearned perspective of an otherwise unspoken massacre - all while simultaneously distancing itself from the complexities of its actual depiction. This does not equate to the work of…

Popular reviews

  • BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky

    BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky

    Which is worse? Sitting through 79 minutes of disgusting trash ephemera that positions an industry of abuse and degradation as a dignified act of hard work? Or that said trash is about a clone of 2NE1 that achieved 100x the success at 1/100th the quality?

    Turns out both are pretty shit!

  • Spider-Man: No Way Home

    Spider-Man: No Way Home

    The infinite possibilities of the moving image and yet the grand spectacle of the much touted multiverse is revealed to just be different iterations of Funko Pops shuffling about in front of textureless CG backdrops.