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  • The Searchers

    The Searchers


    I really wish, I had watched this with Marty by my Side, cause it's One of his "Top 5 Alltime Favourites" and Man, I just could agree to every positive Word he says!
    This is an absolute American Proto-Western with some of the best Vibes of the Genre, I had ever feeled!

    The Plot is so simple, just two Men on their ultimate Quest, to save a little Girl out of the Fangs of the meanest Indian-Tribe EVER digged up…

  • Thumbsucker



    When Life sucks, rather suck your Thumb instead of taking bad Drugs!

    Well okay, I suspected this to be at least a little funny you know, but it was a 90% complete serious Movie about being yourself as a Teenager and that Thumb-sucking can be sexy, if you want!

    Justin is the typical Teen, only Difference is... he loves to suck his Thumb like there's no tomorrow, so his Parents decide, to give him Med's to cure that Stuff, but…

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  • Sing Street

    Sing Street


    "This is Life, Conor. Drive it like you stole it."

    Too busy loving it to write a real Review after my first Time "Sing Street", sorry!
    But if you're a Dreamer and a Fan of Music, Coming-of-Age and Love, than this is an absolute Must!
    Fuck, I wanna fall in Love again!

    "Rock and Roll is a Risk. You risk being ridiculed."

  • Evil Dead II

    Evil Dead II


    "Annie: The first Passage will allow the Demon to manifest itself in the Flesh.
    Ash: Why the Hell would we want to do that?!"

    The mad Shed of Insanity strikes again and reached an even higher Level than Part 1, by driving everything already great to Perfection!
    Gore, Practical-Effects, Stop-Motion, the true Shape of the "Twin Peaks"-Woods, Screams and the Fun!
    Seriously, this is the biggest mad-fun ever made, the whole House is shaking itself to Death!

    And NEVER... EVER...…