Un Chien Andalou

Un Chien Andalou ★★★★★

This isn’t going to my top 25, because it’s a short film… but is a crime to rate this masterpiece under 5 stars. Dali’s Mind and madness put all together in a 21 minutes early surrealism masterpiece. Those ideas and visual representations could only be done by the genius minds of Buñuel and Dali, ahead of its time, the screenplay relates the human condition using a compilation of frames and images that “had no sense”

Opening new doors to the line between fantasy and reality, Un Chien Andalou changed cinema forever, how brave were Buñuel and Dalí, putting all of the “offensive” imagery like the eye scene, the ants, and all the scenes on the picture. 

Just imagine how polemic and incredible it was at the time. Being one of the cleanest ark works on history on cinema, and proving the decadence of it. Un Chien andalou screams cinema, and cinema screams Un chien Andalou.

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