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  • Carne



    Set out to be a crazy motherfucker determinedly.

  • Austeria



    Set in the backdrop of WW1, a bunch of Jews kept wandering and took refuge in a hotel, it’s full of heavy religion-driven conversation, and some collisions between Christianity and Judaism, many times I didn’t even know what they’re talking about, however I feel like I could categorize these Jews into two types, one is the protagonist that kind of type, who remains skeptical of his god, but still being respectful to the religious practices, and get involved with what’s…

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  • Still Life

    Still Life


    I’m so perplexed right now, if my memory serves me right, this is not the impression what I had on Xiao Wu 2 years ago, Still Life is too mild comparing to Xiao Wu, Jia Zhangke seems to want to emphasis the effect of Three Gorges dam's building on people who reside around of which is having no choice but to move to other place, because their houses were being forced demolished, the idyllic rural environment, local folkway and habitude…

  • The Isle

    The Isle


    What a beautiful love dream, Kim Ki-duk still had some human conscience in The Isle, from here he was going to enter a dark zone which is filled with bleakness and cruelty, it it noteworthy that there is an enormous sense of symbolism in here, the fishhook and line implying the invisible strings that binding the two protagonists in this abnormal relationship, and two echoing self-harming scenes makes the binding more closer, and the first one’s a bit like the killing scene in Nagisa Ôshima’s In the Realm of the Senses, all that angle and position.