Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★½

I found this to be sprawling, self-indulgent, and frankly a bit of a bore. Nothing really happens for most of the film - but at least Tarantino is enjoying himself recreating Hollwood in 1969 with Steve McQueen and Bruce Lee doing a turn in front of classic movie posters...

Tarantino is known for homages and references to other films but now he's gone even further; inventing his own films and TV shows, inserting his own characters into existing films and TV shows, and also creating QT characters from real life actors.

On top of that the film is full of his usual collaborators so Mr. Blonde is a cowboy, Stuntman Mike is a stuntman, stuntwoman Zoë Bell plays a stuntwoman etc. Tim Roth was cut from the film but gets two shoutouts in the credits.

Does this, and the film itself, have a deeper meaning or is it just Tarantino playing in his sandbox? I'm not in any particular rush to watch this again to find out.

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