Suicide Squad ★★★

Although I've not actually read any reviews, the mixed reaction nearly put me off seeing this. Initially I thought I'd made a mistake deciding to watch it as the schizophrenic opening scenes with too much neon and too many pop songs just felt like it was trying too hard. However, once everyone had been introduced and the main thrust of the plot started, I mostly enjoyed it. There's some solid comic book action and good characters here.

All the main cast were pretty good but I thought Deadshot and Amanda Waller stood out. Harley Quinn was just the right side of irritating and this new incarnation of the Joker is intriguing, as long as DC keep him to cameos rather than starring roles. Most of the rest got their moment to shine but, as to be expected in this kind of ensemble, a couple were there to make up the numbers.

The villain was an interesting and unexpected choice. The cameos/connections to the wider DCEU were well done, feeling a lot more organic than in Batman v Superman, and helping to further shape this fledgling Shared Universe.

Overall this is nowhere near the disaster certain people would have you believe. It might be too much for some but it's a refreshing change of pace for the DCEU that still manages to slot into the emerging timeline (WW/MoS/BvS/SS) rather neatly. I suspect a rewatch of this somewhere down the line with a couple of beers could be quite rewarding...

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