Suicide Squad ★★½

Turns out I haven't seen this since it was released and unfortunately on second watch it doesn't really work.

As usual the DCEU is trying to do too much too early. This film should've come out much further down the timeline so (at least some of) the squad members could've been introduced in the solo films of the heroes. Imagine if we'd already been introduced to Deadshot after the main villain hired him as a hitman in a Batman solo film, or if The Flash solo film begun with various criminals being apprehended, or if the mysterious powers of El Diablo or Enchantress had been alluded to in a Wonder Woman film etc.

Instead almost the entire first half of the film is introductions and origin stories and set up for the second half. Unfortunately this means its harder to connect with the individual members, or really care if they can form a team, or even if they get killed off.

Consequently this is a brightly coloured & well soundtracked, but ultimately disposable, stepping stone between Batman v Superman and Justice League.

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