Minari ★★★★

Minari is a bittersweet film, it oozes this nostalgic feeling of one's childhood, it's a hilarious film too but mainly it's a tale of a family trying to adjust in a new environment and tackle the struggles they face.

All of the family members have a lot of heart and depth into them which goes to show the effort the writer put to write such well-written characters which further helped the actors and director to flesh out these characters.

The beautiful scenery this film depicts, courtesy to the cinemotography department is a sight to behold. An amazing and quite optimistic musical score that kept me hopeful for the characters.

It's a slowburn but to show this realistic and relatable family tale, the film needs to take its time even though sometimes it does get a bit dull.

Overall, a very enjoyable film about family

So, 4/5