Underwater ★★★½

Now, as the film began with a bang from the get go, it was exhilarating and really tense as the story unfolded. Somehow, this became one of those rare few Stewart performances I liked. She is usually so wooden but she basically carries the film here.

The first half was magnificent. Seriously, it projected such an intense survival story with interesting characters and good visual effects. The arrival of the "big bad" in these unknown territory for them crew members set up what seemed like a big and brutal showdown.

That was where the film just losts its essence. It lost its creepiness, its foreboding atmosphere and the story started to drag. By the end of it, it just couldn't break out of its shell and be something very memorable.

Overall, a very good sci-fi film with a banger first half which sadly did not lead to anywhere.

So, 3.5/5