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  • Star Wars

    Star Wars


    Star Wars is a globally loved franchise. Having so far 11 or so films in its kit, this franchise has been a memorable part of many people's childhood.

    Although watching the first installment today, damn was I disappointed. Its like A B-Grade Sci Fi film with bad dialogues, inexperienced acting especially from Mark Hamill and just a very poorly executed film that had a good concept.

    There is no tension in the atmosphere, no high stakes at play. The fight…

  • Peninsula



    The sequel to Train To Busan tries to bigger and better but ultimately falls short. While the original film had a plethora of characters they had a good balance among each other while the new one tries to juggle too many characters resulting in half fleshed character arcs

    Also goodness those CGI effects were so bad, they looked like a bad video game.

    But the film was enjoyable nevertheless despite its flaws

    Some good musical score and great performances by the actors, the movie was a good time

  • Django



    Django Unchained was better