A Quiet Place Part II

A Quiet Place Part II ★★½

A Quiet Place II is a more traditionally paced thriller/horror film than its predecessor but, like the first film, really knows how to utilize sound (and its absence) for some effective scares. I also liked that the focus here was passed on from the adults to the children - it only feels natural that Regan especially plays a big role in this film after her instrumental involvement in the first.

My biggest issue with A Quiet Place II is its ending, which feels incredibly abrupt after over an hour of narrative build-up. I’m not sure what else could have been done to make for a more natural ending to the film, and I do think that the ending visuals of the two children and Evelyn are pretty great, but it left me with such a feeling of “wow... that’s it?” that I can’t shake off. They did what they said they were gonna do and that’s it! Movie over.

Also... gonna sound like CinemaSins a bit here I guess, but I don’t really understand why the people at the dock hadn’t used the boats to go to the island themselves. Or like..why they were defending these boats they apparently don’t use? Maybe they just fish with them? But then surely they’d realize the monsters can’t swim and come to the logical conclusion that the sea and islands should be safe. I don’t get it.

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