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  • The Evil Dead

    The Evil Dead


    Hooptober: Legend of the 7 Golden Mozzies.


    To me, The Evil Dead epitomises my belief that, if you consider yourself a true film lover but you don't like horror, you're depriving yourself of some of the most important cinematic experiences attainable.

    Horror gets a bad rap as a genre riddled with derivative, unimaginative, formulaic films. And I'm not denying that there are plenty of horror movies like that. Are there more derivative, unimaginative, formulaic films within…

  • The War of the Worlds

    The War of the Worlds


    Hooptober: Legend of the 7 Golden Mozzies.


    It's amazing to me that this was my first time watching The War of the Worlds. It's a film I've been aware of since that old TV special about "sci-fi movies" I used to watch incessantly as a kid. The one narrated by Mark Hamill, where he talks about Star Wars (hence my interest) but a bunch of others like Alien and Soylent Green and this.

    In this incarnation,…

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  • Suicide Squad

    Suicide Squad


    OK, look, I have no stake in most DC movies - least of all Suicide Squad, a group of characters I'd never even heard of prior to this film coming out. Perhaps that's obvious as it's taken me this long to get to it. But seriously, folks, what the fuck is up everyone's nose with this movie?

    I liked it - and I don't even know how to defend it because I can't figure out what the problem is supposed…

  • Fried Barry

    Fried Barry


    Apparently the short film upon which director Ryan Kruger based this feature consists of the titular Barry wigging out on heroin and not much else, so it doesn't seem as though Kruger gave himself much to work with from a story point of view.

    Never fear: this is one of those films where the plot doesn't really matter! To be honest, I welcome an indie horror which doesn't even bother with narrative trappings rather than setting up the promise of…

Popular reviews

  • Total Recall

    Total Recall


    I committed a bit of a faux-pas. A friend of mine said he wanted to have a movie night and he suggested Blade Runner because it's his favourite movie. I'm not going to say no to watching Blade Runner, but I suggested a Philip K Dick double feature, with Total Recall as the B movie. Problem is, I sent him an Outlook calendar invite titled "Dickfest" which triggered an alarm in his work's security software and gave his wife a…

  • Alien



    Hooptober6 – mosQuito-thewinged-dragon-serpent #81

    Rule 5: Films featuring the work of Carlo Rambaldi - second of two movies

    I don't really know where to start when talking about Alien. I just think it's one of the greatest horror movies ever made - some might think it's over-rated, and that's fine because my love for this is a pretty subjective thing. I've always been a sci-fi nerd as much as a horror nerd (I'm ambinerdstrous) - so this movie just captured…