Fuego ★★★½

I think this might be the first sexploitation movie I've ever seen. That whole concept feels like such a relic of a lost time now that hard-core porn is available for free for anyone with an internet connection - the idea that people would go along to movies that exist to show naked women and suggest sexual intercourse and go to all the trouble of building a movie around it to justify that - it's just so weird to consider today.

I have to say, though, that Armando Bo's Fuego is a beautiful film. It's so quintessentially of its time, even the scratches in the film feel like a gift. The beautiful Argentinian Andean backdrops set the scene and then, if you can't get some enjoyment from watching Isabel Sarli doing her sex goddess thing for 90 minutes then check your pulse, because you might just be dead (man, woman or other).

The scene where the sex crazed Laura has to resort to hitting the street to find a partner is the undoubted highlight of the movie - just that sequence of her walking up to these guys in her fur coat, and then rubbing her breasts at them is just an incredible thing to see. The fact that most of these slobs don't show the least bit of interest just adds to the comedy value.

The melodrama is dialled up to fever pitch, of course, and the final scene is just the perfect icing on the cake as our doomed lovers walk off into the scenery - and not in the way you're imagining.

If any of this piques your interest, it's easily available on Youtube (and pretty much nowhere else, as far as I can tell). Bo made a whole bunch of films with Sarli, but they're very hard to get hold of unfortunately.