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was once The Cabester, but now I'm your mother...Find the blip.,...

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  • Snow on tha Bluff

    Snow on tha Bluff


    Prolly one of the best opening scenes for a movie, but nothings more twisted than a bunch of white people thinking theyre hard because theyve watched snow on tha bluff.

  • Tenet



    The protagnatists fights bad guy backwards man, not once, but the other way too.
    "What time you got?" And she responds "6:66"
    "You mean 7:06" ..... "Depends on how you look at it." Welcome to hell

    The only movie that takes more effort to watch than it took to write. What the fuck is anyone even fucking talking about?

    "Everyone go back to work and see my movie my consultants wrote for me, and then die"
    "But were all…

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  • The Air Up There

    The Air Up There


    >>// Sometimes the greatest lesson of all... is kevin bacon..

    Despite the runtime of one and a half hours, "THE AIR UP THERE" is still considered one of the longest films ever made. This is made possible through a technique called "The Time-Worm Formula". Where a Movies Ideas and beliefs are so strong and so no longer useful nor sensible that you, the viewer, becomes a time-worm. And you become slimy like a worm, and your whole body is kind…

  • Joker


    Oh man, this movie sucked. These losers think they're so strong, and they tried to make a sucky movie sexy. But they didn't. It just sucks. If they understood what actually sucks, then maybe. If they understood that they made a lifestyle choice of sucking, and they learned that they sucked, then maybe id like the suckwel. But they're just living in a world of suckers man. Thinking they're cool and shit. But i think they fucking suck man.

    Much love #fromTheMinimumWager
    #nice try
    #Wrong scipt
    #Jauqiun phoenix/