Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ½

Couldn't settle on just one review, so here's eight.

1. Wow, I love Jews now!

2. Really good in this movie about the Holocaust to have CollegeHumor-style "I totally wouldn't say this in real life but because this is comedy I can just say directly the things which I want to critique e.g. 'I wish more of our lads had your blind fanaticism'"

3. Hitwah make fwunny faces an dance :)

4. There was a lady in the back row who did disapproving "tsk-tsk" trills every time there was something mildly objectionable on-screen, like a rabbit dying or someone saying mean things about Jews. I instantly started to hate her because it was clear she was a Jew but, thankfully, I learned by the end of the movie that Jews are people too, and I forgave her.

5. Wow, I guess some Nazis are actually pretty cool!

6. Scarlett Johansson showing those dumb men what's what by kneeing a Nazi officer in the groin and facing no repercussions for it! Yas queen! We! stan! strong! women!

7. It's almost like chortling at an ideology allows you to pretend it never ceased hold of people and does not, to this day, exercise control over considerable amounts of individuals. It is unconscionable to have Funny Hitler make Funny Faces and then have the very next scene be a solemn glimpse of Jews/dissenters hanging from a post in the town square. Hitler employed broad caricatures in his propaganda, along with pungent pathos, to peddle his ideology. Taika Waititi does literally the exact same thing. Except the ideology in Jojo Rabbit is one which allows the viewer to distance themselves from the trauma of the Holocaust, the film acting as a sleeper cell activation text to turn American audiences into Manchurian Candidate-esque passive subjects, the better to not take white supremacy—in this country, in the year 2019—seriously.

8. Hitwah make funny face :)

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