• Untitled Horror Movie

    Untitled Horror Movie


    A surprisingly interesting, found footage style, comedic horror film who's attempt at genre bending causes some tonal issues. The concept of the film was decent enough on its own and didn't really need the comedic element, although there were a handful of funny moments. The characters are mostly likable, but there's plenty of cringy dialogue that brings them down to earth. I thought the acting performances were as good as they could possibly be, given the film's erratic nature, but…

  • Censor



    A completely unique and original dramatic horror picture that gives an inside look into the film industry, which casual movie buffs will be intrigued by and cinephiles will gush over. The narrative hits quite harshly, but it's an absolute chef's kiss of an ending. As far as horror stories are concerned, I can't remember one with so much depth and psychological nuance, blended with traditional gore and pure terror. Writer/Director, Prano Bailey-Bond was completely successful in bringing something new and…

  • Siberia



    This is a very tough review to write, because if I told you I understood the story and knew what was going on for the most part, I'd be lying to you. This one flew over my head, while still entertaining me to a healthy degree. I'd like to say that Willam Dafoe's performance was outstanding, but I'm not entirely sure if it was good or bad. I can appreciate the ambitious approach, but none of this made any sense…

  • Fatherhood



    A straightforward parenting dramedy that follows a strict formula, but uses the charm of its top notch cast to deliver some good old fashioned sincere, emotional content. It's predictable to say the least, but this film achieves its goal in tugging on the heart strings while receiving some well earned laughs. After his leading role in 2017's The Upside, and now this film, Kevin Heart is showing that he's capable of holding his own as a dramatic lead while still…

  • Luca



    An expertly crafted Disney/Pixar animated classic, featuring a familiar tale of acceptance, but with a fresh new premise and unusually precise character development. This story contains the perfect amount of signature warmth, balanced with metaphorical depth relating to the real world. As expected, the animation was among Pixar's best work, utilizing a style that we've grown to adore, with some added underwater beauty and local charm. Their depiction of a small Italian village was whimsical, displaying bright, colorful architecture and…

  • The Birthday Cake

    The Birthday Cake


    Thank you, Gio, for all the painting.

    A gracefully acted mafia drama featuring a deep ensemble cast and a mood enhancing score. There's a lot of mystery throughout the first three acts that gets tied together with finesse in the final act.

    I was not very familiar with lead actor, producer and co-writer, Shiloh Fernandez before this, but he is now on my radar. His acting performance was classically professional, and the narrative was written nicely, introducing the supporting cast…

  • Let's Be Tigers

    Let's Be Tigers


    A fuckin' adorable dramatic short featuring a seemingly improvised script that was acted out by a 4 YEAR OLD. This film is a reminder that when you're going through a difficult time, the world keeps turning. So take some time to mourn to avoid getting overwhelmed.

    I love that even when the story isn't about inclusion or culture, Disney still slips in gay parents, and a minority protagonist. The representation in this Launchpad series on Disney+ is amazing. If you don't like it, just, try to accept it. For your own good.

  • The Last of the Chupacabras

    The Last of the Chupacabras


    A cute, whimsical short with an emphasis on preserving culture. But why did the chupacabra look like that?

  • Growing Fangs

    Growing Fangs


    She smells like the perfect mix of peppermint and blood clots.

    An over the top vampire comedy short with lots of silly dialogue and plot points.

  • The Little Prince(ss)

    The Little Prince(ss)


    Shout out to all of the dope ass parents out there that love their kids for who they are, no matter what. And a big finger wag to all the homophobic parents in the world that couldn't imagine a boy being interested in traditionally 'girly' things.

    Let's. Fucking. Go. Disney!🌈

  • Dinner Is Served

    Dinner Is Served


    A unique and original short that highlights the difficulties of achieving your dreams as an immigrant competing against white nationals, featuring commentary on minorities being exploited for capital gain. Disney is not fucking around people.

  • American Eid

    American Eid


    Representation matters. This is an inspirational, eye opening short that sheds light on the glaring christian supremacy in the United States. Adolescent passion is just about the purest, most wholesome thing on this planet, and the adorable Shanessa Khawaja was absolutely incredible in her acting debut.

    Keep going with this momentum, Disney. Let's see some feature films with Muslim representation.

    My mf heart is full af ya'll.