Da 5 Bloods ★★★★★

Eddie: My momma told me that money is the root of all evil.

First thing you see is Muhammad Ali’s face. Followed by a flurry of extremely powerful clips of everything going on during the time, set to Marvin Gaye’s “Inner City Blues”. Right from the jump it gives you an uppercut to the jaw.

My favorite part, without a shadow of a doubt, are the Vietnam sequences when they were with the 5th blood. He died young and in the sequences they were the older age they are in present day with the young “Stormin’ Norman” while being in the time of the Vietnam war. The sequences are in a different aspect ratio, and film quality from the 70s. It’s almost like watching Apocalypse Now. 

Such an important and powerful film. Great music and score. Amazing performances and cinematography. So many fucking things going on. How it was in Vietnam today and how they reacted to it. Adjusting to home after war. Daddy issues. I can’t anymore, I’m done. My mind is blown.

For fucks sake man. A must watch. For everyone.

This is a 7 on IMDb!!!!! Fucking suck my nuts, IMDb. Ridiculous.

The film was originally titled The Last Tour, and it was written by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo; it was about four aging white vets who were heading back to Vietnam. Oliver Stone was attached to direct at one point but moved on. Producer Lloyd Levin read in an interview that Lee's favorite film is The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, and thought Lee would appreciate the similar elements in The Last Tour. Lee liked the premise, and he and his co-writer, Kevin Willmott, rewrote the script for to make it about black soldiers.

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