Pan's Labyrinth ★★★★★

My trauma dates back to the release of this film back in 2006. I was six years old at the time, and my parents were under the impression that this film was suitable for kids. The film in question however is rated R, and I remembered being absolutely terrified in that theatre. Now at the ripe age of 21, I braved myself and decided to revisit Guillermo del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth once more; this time to experience and appreciate the film in its full context and glory. 

It’s certainly no secret that this is stunning in every possible way. The film exudes a highly immersive atmosphere, and the film’s fantastical elements are personified through its colourful storytelling. The cinematography, the set direction, and even the visual effects had me astonished. Everything about this is mind boggling in an incomprehensible way. This is definitely del Toro’s passion piece, the magnum opus of all his films. 

The way it’s constructed and written is so masterful and clever as well. The pale man still creeps me out a lot, but honestly who wouldn’t find that thing creepy. I’m honestly at a loss for words. I have absolutely no reservations, and only good things to say about this film. I now have a greater appreciation and understanding of the film’s content; this is truly a spectacular achievement.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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