La Haine

La Haine ★★★★★

“How you fall doesn’t matter, it’s how you land”

I left this movie feeling speechless, with so many thoughts in my head that I couldn’t even process. La Haine is a piece of cinema that will never be overlooked, it’s setting, context and message are incredibly relevant to today’s society and it ensures that the film will live on. 

The film follows a day in the life of the three main protagonists, Vinz, Saïd and Hubert. They all represent the different minorities that experience the brutality of prejudice, whilst living in the outskirts of Paris with nothing to do. They each have wildly different motives and personalities, but evidently always stick together with a strong dynamic, as they’re all targeted in the same way.

Cinematography is phenomenal, one of the most visually stunning movies I’ve ever seen. Although not in the way you would expect, it uses the most simple filmmaking techniques in the most effective way possible, impacting the storytelling in the process. 

The ending left me shook, leaving me staring at my ceiling whilst I gathered my thoughts and assessed what I had just watched. My heart was pounding and I was blown away.

This is why I love cinema.


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