Long Shot ★★

The only thing in this film that is remotely funny is when Fred Flarsky (Rogen’s character) gives the implication that Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a good film.

Rogen and Theron have good chemistry, but the film is severely brought down by a very weak script. It wants to be subversive, yet it has nearly every single rom-com cliché in the book, and the film’s attempts to add in political commentary fall flat due to how superficial and thematically hollow/underdeveloped it is, even despite having the subtlety of a sledgehammer. It also doesn’t help that the editing is pretty shit at times, the pacing is inconsistent, and it’s directed too much like a generic rom-com.

Overall, not the worst studio comedy in recent memory, but it’s certainly not an elevation or subversion of the rom-com genre, or particularly good for that matter.

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