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  • Predators


    If you can get past the abundance of racial stereotypes, the dull, poorly written characters, the simple, predictable yet incoherent plot, and the lacklustre dialogue, you might be able to enjoy the adrenaline-fueled action, gory effects, a solid supporting performance from Fishburne and a half decent turn from Brody,
    but personally my mind was made up when I saw a Japanese Yakuza wielding a katana in a duel to the death against predator amidst tall grass blowing in the wind.

  • Red Heat

    Red Heat


    Fun to an extent, mostly because of the chemistry between Schwarzenegger and Belushi and some of the action sequences, but it's nothing you haven't seen before, and you've probably seen better, that being said, fans of Schwarzenegger will definitely find enough to enjoy.

    Director Walter Hill never quite reached the levels of his predecessors 48 Hours, The Warriors & The Driver, which is a shame because all of which were big parts of my teen-hood.

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  • Nobody



    Funny, thrilling and viscerally violent, 'Nobody' may not be bringing anything groundbreaking to the action genre, but it's jam-packed with long, intelligent, grisly action sequences, dry, deadpan humour, and a Bob Odenkirk in beast mode!

    The first 20 minutes in the first act slowly integrate you into the every day life of the every day nobody, and this nobody in particular is Hutch Mansell. Hutch is just getting by in life, living on the edge of non-existence, and the rinse…

  • The Father

    The Father


    Debuting director and lauded playwright Florian Zeller paints an artfully disorienting and devastatingly empathetic picture of dementia, where viewers witness days and nights, people and places, as they all merge through the distressing experiences of the lead protagonist portrayed exquisitely by Anthony Hopkins.

    Zeller constructs what can only be described as a nightmare for those who not only find their mind crumbling, but also the family members who are their frantically scrambling to pick up the pieces their fragmented minds…