The Thing ★★★★½

The Thing(1982) is an amazingly shot, produced, and scripted movie. The premise is nothing short of amazing and it leads to some of the most tense and some times actually scary scenes in all of film. While the movie has a pretty slow beginning that might deter people from watching, once it starts you can tell. The Scenes after the beginning are all full of so much horror, shock, action that its hard to keep your mouth from hanging wide open the whole time you watch it(i know i did). Another major contributor to the greatness of the film is the score and overall sound design. Each scene is coupled with amazing music that adds to the intensity and helps set the mood for how the scene plays out. The special effects of the movie are so good and still keep strong today. While some would consider the effects bad, it helped to add to the gross vibe that the "Thing" was trying to give off.

Now onto the plot and the characters. Again nothing but positives. The plot of the movie couldn't fit the premise and tone any better. The ending perfectly fits the characters and how they made decisions from the beginning. Talking about the characters, they are also great. The conversations(well more or less arguments) feel real for the amount of stress that the people are facing. The further the characters go insane, the angrier they get and the more tense the interactions get. Adding to the stress is the fact that no one can trust anyone so most arguments end in one or two people dying because they are thought to be the parasite.

This movie gave me all the same feels that i got from Alien(another one of the best movies i have watched). Its the most alien like movie i have seen since, well, alien. The thing is what i always wanted from the alien sequels, and while some would see such similarity's as a bad thing, i think its awesome. Overall there is only one problem i have with this film, and that is how the start is paced. Its so slow but once its over, The thing, is one of the best and most tense movies EVER.

4.5/5 stars- would recommend to anyone