Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★½

A Zack Snyder zombie heist film. That’s all that needed to be said in order for me to be interested in seeing this. The trailer alone looked like wild fun and I was ready for something very ridiculous to have fun with. It didn’t really matter who was in it because I wanted to see what Zack Snyder would bring us with another zombie movie but with a heist involved too. 

The opening credits of this film were absolutely ridiculous and incredible at the same time. It had everything like a guy parachuting into zombies and zombie showgirls tackling a guy and eating him in a shower. It was absolutely ridiculous fun and I was both confused and hyped at the same time because of this. This opening credit sequence helps introduce us to Dave Bautista’s character and of course me being a Batista fan makes me inclined to enjoy his performance in just about everything. That’s no exception here because even though his character is pretty generic at times, he just has a certain energy that he brings to the screen that makes me enjoy his personality here and a compelling leader of this team. The team had some quirks even if the characters weren’t exactly that memorable. The pilot of the helicopter managed to have a few funny moments as did the safe crack guy and his relationship with the muscle of the group which ended up being an amusing relationship all around. The villains here were fine too like the creep and sexist security guy who points the temperature gun at them and the guy who is trying to screw them over and betray them and leave them for the dead. The zombies themselves have a pretty cool design and they looked unique enough to stand out from other zombie films. I liked the idea that zombies can have children to as that’s brought up here and it was honestly something I would’ve never thought about until this film but hey it’s a thing now. It’s also fascinating how Snyder made this kind of political at the beginning with the news reports being eerily similar to some going on today with COVID going on and I love how he decided the zombie apocalypse could be political too for some reason because it’s hilarious and sad at the same time. All of the gun fights and action sequences are wild fun too and I thought it was well paced despite being almost 2 and a half hours long and the heist was energetic and fun. The humor was done reasonably well and it had some awesome kills to go along with it. I liked the idea of the zombies accepting a sacrifice and not attack afterward too. The actual heist element is kind of generic but you understand they need the money especially in the zombie apocalypse and a decent amount of humans left. Zack Snyder managed to create a unique zombie film that was very fun and entertaining even though he shot it in a very strange way. Every shot was either a wide shot or a close up for the most part and it was very distracting and it gave the film a very strange look. Maybe that was what Zack was going for but either way it made the film have a very strange cinematography look and it could be considered poorly shot because of this. However it did not take away from the film’s entertainment quality because it was still a fun zombie heist movie that exceeded expectations. I thought the ending could’ve been a little better but it didn’t bother me that much because I wasn’t here for the story anyway. 

Conclusion: This film is just pure cheese and I admire it for that. Snyder really went all out with it and it ended up standing on its own from other zombie films with this unique style from him. Batista rocks again and the characters are fun. It’s a solid popcorn flick that will certainly entertain you for these reasons. Check it out on Netflix when you get a chance because it’s really worth checking out. 


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