Cruella ★★★½

A Cruella origin story seemed like a very interesting thing to try and tackle. After all this is a woman who skinned dogs and made their fur into coats so how were we supposed to connect with this character in any way. When I heard that Emma Stone would be playing Cruella though I was much more interested because I thought it was such a great casting choice so my expectations were a little bit higher now. The trailer definitely seemed to have other films mixed in to make this one but still it looked like an interesting take on the history of a villain that is cemented in Disney’s long history. 

First of all Emma Stone is really good here. Her portrayal of Cruella is excellent as I expected it to be. She showed a lot of fire here and really brought a lot of flare to the character of Cruella and really came off as a scheming but powerful person that will always get her way especially by the end of the film. Stone deserves all of the praise for elevating this character to new heights. The film’s designated villain was the Baroness played by Emma Thompson and she too did a solid job. Kind of a cliched villain sure but I thought she made it interesting enough to stand out. When both Emmas are on screen together they have great chemistry together since Cruella gets employed by the Baroness so they spend a lot of time on screen together so they had time to show how good they were together. The actual backstory as to why Cruella is out for vengeance is well done in the beginning with her being a child in the opening and seeing how she became a thief first before really getting into fashion. People are going to find the fashion aspect of this movie either really interesting or really boring. I kind of found it interesting at times and it was cool to see some of the outfits that Cruella ended up making because they were flashy and pretty awesome to witness especially with the entrances she made for everyone to witness. She also has a great relationship with her cronies Jasper and Horace and the three of them together make a great team with some nice moments. Even though Cruella is no hero, I still thought the film did a good job trying to give her a lot more characterization and making her more complex since she’s also kind of a genius in this film a decent amount so it makes the film more engaging that way when you have an interesting main character. The reason as to why she became Cruella is understandable I guess even if we’ve seen this reason many times before. However it’s brought back together by the end because there’s a nice twist at the climax too that helped elevate it a little more. A little predictable sure but it was still welcome. I will say though that this film could feel a little bit long at times because there were a few scenes that dragged a little bit and it felt pretty slow at times. My other issue is too spoiler related to get into so I won’t get into it here but still this movie was pretty well done for what it was and it was pretty enjoyable. 

Conclusion: This film was pretty good. I wouldn’t say I loved it but it was still a good outing from Disney on one of their more iconic villains. Good performances all around especially from Stone even if it’s a little overly long at times. An enjoyable experience to sit through and I’ll be looking forward to seeing where they take Cruella’s story in the sequel and so on. Go check it out because it’s worth at least one viewing. 


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